medks-shipper – Cold reserving box for pharmaceutical products –

medks-shipper is a cold reserving box to maintain the specified temperature ranges stably.
Latent heat storage material “PATTHERMO®” prevents overcooling and maintains a stable temperature zone.
They are useful for transporting products in-hospital, between medical institutions and in-home care or at the time of disaster.

Logair – Temperature Data Loggers –

Our original temperature data logger monitors, records and stores data. It allows reliable transfer of pharmaceutical products, foods and etc. which are sensitive to temperature.
The data logger equipped with 2 modes, deluxe mode and standard mode which can be switched at any time.
The deluxe mode will connect to APP for smartphone and send an e-mail notification when irregular events happened.
You can timely check the temperature data chart and the location with your smartphone that secure traceability.
The standard mode facilitates a LCD screen on which you can check temperature changes during transportation immediately.

When you need to store the data, just connect the logger with PC for data extract, storage and processing.

Send temperature and location information to the server via smartphone. You can check collected information through computer

E-mail notification arrives to the administrator immediately when it detects deviations from the set temperature

You can easily graph data by using dedicated PC software

Various functions of realize
safe and secure transportation of pharmaceuticals.

SHIP – Security shipping package –

SHIP is a transport container that enables consistent temperature control by mounting a temperature data logger in a sealed container. It is equipped with various functions such as packaging protection and prevention of accidental opening.

・Equipped with a temperature data logger, the control temperature can be monitored.
・Can be customized according to the size of the pharmaceuticals and the quantity to be transported.
・The temperature control status of the pharmaceuticals that has not been taken out can be monitored since each pharmaceuticals can be stored individually and you can check whether it has been opened or not.
・Can prevent the individual packaging of pharmaceuticals from becoming dirty and accidentally opened during transportation and storage.
・No special equipment is required on the medical institution side since it is a transportation and storage container. You can work to reduce waste loss without the burden of initial investment.

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